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Courier Fraud Dec 2020

Ode to online shopping Response & Recovery Stay Safe Online – Top Tips Staff Cyber Champion Tips Dec 2020

Cyber Champion Tips Dec 2020

Stay Safe Online – Top Tips Staff

Response & Recovery

NCSC Glossary


Please be vigilant especially over the holiday period.


Fraudsters will stop at nothing when attempting to scam people of their financial and personal information.

Staffordshire Police have recently had their own force back up phone number ‘spoofed’ and used in a phone call (vishing) courier fraud where the individual has been conned out of thousands of pounds, this particular fraud was highlighted in Octobers Top Tips (Page 1). The force number spoofed, which means faked, is 0300 123 4455, is not used by Staffordshire Police to dial out and contact people, it is for calls into Staffordshire Police only, putting calls through to the 101 service.



Please report all Cyber-crime and Fraud to: www.actionfraud.police.uk or Call: 0300 123 2040


Further advice can be found here: www.ncsc.gov.uk