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A ‘how-to’ guide to support your net zero journey


You probably didn’t think much about climate change when you started your business. And right now, like many small firms, you may already be facing a host of other challenges, from coping with business regulations and competitive pressures to the pandemic and Brexit.

But climate change affects us all, and we can all do our bit to counter it.

Climate change has been triggered by increasing levels of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere, resulting in harmful global warming. To address this problem, the UK has set a target for all businesses to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050.

Put simply, net zero means we are not adding new emissions to the atmosphere. Emissions will continue, but will be balanced by absorbing an equivalent amount from the atmosphere.

Our new book explains that the first decisive step in actioning environmental impact. It goes on to help you identify barriers – ranging from lack of guidance to increased costs – and provide advice on how to overcome them and play your role in achieving net zero.

​​​​To start your net zero journey, download the Little Book of Net Zero for free.

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