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Introducing the Environmental Sustainability GROWTHmapper Tool

We are excited to be launching the Environmental Sustainability GROWTHmapper tool, available FREE to Staffordshire organisations and helps to analyse and assist with environmental sustainability, developed by Oxford Innovation – ES GROWTHmapper.

What is a GROWTHmapper

Developed by Oxford Innovation, it is a comprehensive business diagnostic tool containing a set of business assessment questions designed to underpin coaching and advice to Staffordshire businesses.

GROWTHmapper brings quantifiable benefits:

  • Allows you to understand what is working well and where there are opportunities for environmental improvement and development
  • Detailed report that allows you to benchmark your business against A, B or C rated businesses
  • Prompts constructive discussions about your business amongst senior management team
  • Opportunity to gauge the level of alignment in the perception of the business by senior management team if taken by more than one member

Oxford Innovation has developed GROWTHmapper to help high growth businesses achieve their ambitions. It consolidates over 20 years’ experience of nurturing successful high growth businesses.

Delivered by SBEN’s (Staffordshire Business Environment Network)  experienced team of trained and accredited coaches, GROWTHmapper puts the client into the driving seat for the future. It combines the insights of your management team with our practical knowledge of what makes businesses succeed.

GROWTHmapper is a family of complementary coaching tools covering all the key aspects of establishing and growing a successful business. It gives a clear assessment of the biggest opportunities, and challenges, you face in achieving your high growth potential.

  • Measurable improvements in project efficiency and client outcomes
  • Responsive – reports generated after just 15 minutes
  • Wholly online – ideally suited to the working conditions caused by the C19 crisis

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Process: ES GROWTHmapper Tool

ES GROWTHmapper is a FREE online tool available to Staffordshire organisations, which will give businesses the opportunity to review what’s working well in their environmental sustainability and helps prioritise areas for improvement.

There are 3 key elements to the process:

Complete Online Tool

  • Environmental Sustainability GROWTHmapper is a FREE online Questionnaire for Staffordshire organisations, simple, easy and takes just 10-15 minutes to complete
  • 100 “Yes/No” questions that focus on 10 key areas of environment and sustainability of your business
  • Flexible and wholly online – ideally suited to the working conditions caused by the C19 crisis
  • Can be completed by up to 6 members of the senior team


Outcome Report

  • Analysis of responses from business
  • Assessment of business’s strengths and weaknesses in key areas of sustainability
  • Benchmark your business
  • Opportunity to gauge colleague’s perceptions of the business
  • Prioritise, plan and monitor actions on environmental and sustainability


Coaching / Action Planning


Our trained Coach will be in touch with you once the report is generated and will assist you to understand the results and help identify priorities.

The Coach will be able to support the implementation of actions by sign-posting to local and national environmental sustainability programmes.

Excellent Feedback

ES GROWTHMapper received excellent feedback from Staffordshire businesses

“Completing the ES GROWTHmapper was a really useful exercise for our business. It highlighted our environmental strengths and weaknesses and focused our attention on the next steps we need to take… Things that we know we should be doing, but now we have a clear incentive to act” 

Faith Johnson, Managing Director, The Environmental Quality Mark CIC

“EVC Solutions is fully committed to managing its environmental footprint and developing an holistic approach to ‘the circular economy’.We therefore found it very insightful to see the results coming back from the tool to benchmark how we feel we are doing and gather our thoughts on the next steps to take.”

Nigel Ryan, Managing Director, EVC Solutions Ltd


This project is funded with support from BEIS and Midlands Engine and delivered by Staffordshire County Council.