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Welcome to Carbon Tracker

We are excited to be launching the Carbon Tracker tool, available FREE to eligible Staffordshire organisations, to help them measure and monitor their carbon emissions and map their route to Net Zero.

Carbon Tracker launch presentation slides 14th Oct 2021

Carbon Tracker launch recording

What is Carbon Tracker?

Carbon Tracker is SBEN’s online carbon footprinting and reporting tool that enables Staffordshire organisations to measure carbon emissions from their energy use, fuel use, travel, water consumption and energy generation.

Funded through Staffordshire County Council and developed by SBEN with The Environmental Quality Mark CIC, Carbon Tracker is available free to eligible Staffordshire organisations.

Carbon Tracker will help businesses measure business carbon emissions year on year, so they can focus their actions to reduce emissions and achieve Net Zero. A report will be generated for you to share with your board, colleagues, and customers to demonstrate your yearly progress.

Start your carbon journey to Net Zero now!

Why use Carbon Tracker?

  • Demonstrate leadership and strengthen your green credentials in an increasingly environmentally conscious marketplace
  • Identify and quality the areas of highest emissions in your businesses, which are often the areas of highest cost
  • Start your journey towards Net Zero carbon emissions
  • Track your progress, year on year

Carbon tracker is a simple framework for setting robust emissions reductions targets for your business

Eligibility for Carbon Tracker?

Carbon Tracker is funded by Staffordshire County Council and is only available “Free” to businesses in Stoke and Staffordshire.

To apply you should be a member of Staffordshire Business Environment Network (sben).

Apply now for Carbon Tracker?

Carbon Tracker is available FREE to businesses in Stoke and Staffordshire.

Simply register your company details below, we will check your eligibility, send you details on FREE membership and link to access Carbon Tracker.

How Carbon Tracker works?

Carbon Tracker is a simple, easy to use online tool, that calculates your organisations carbon emissions. To complete the tool, you input a full year’s data including the following:

  • Electricity consumption
  • Gas consumption
  • Fuel use (fuel oil, diesel (DERV and red diesel), petrol, LPG)
  • Biomass (wood pellets, chips, logs)
  • Water consumption
  • Company ‘fleet’ travel, include owned/leased vehicles
  • Employee ‘grey fleet’ and other travel
  • Electricity Generation

The tool uses the UK government ‘carbon factors’ to calculate carbon emissions from the data you enter. It has been developed to include the reporting information required by the UK government Environmental Reporting Guidelines: Including streamlined energy and carbon reporting guidance.

What’s included and what’s not included?

Carbon Tracker calculates your organisation’s carbon footprint including direct emissions from fuel and processes (referred to as scope 1 emissions), indirect emissions from electricity use (or Scope 2 emissions)  and also other indirect  emissions, ranging from those more closely controlled by your organisation, such as staff travel in their own vehicles or on public transport for work purposes, to those emissions associated with your activities over which you have no control (for example the emissions associated with gas extraction and transport, or electricity transmissions and distribution.   These, more arm’s length emissions are termed scope 3 emissions, but need to be included in your carbon footprint if you are to achieve Net Zero.

Current exclusions from the tool include raw materials and consumable goods; waste; steam; heavy goods vehicles; and coolants. We will look to be building these elements into the Carbon Tracker in 2022.

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If you have any further queries about Carbon Tracker then please email or call us on 01785 277 379