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L & J Lonsdale Ltd

Lonsdales was established in 1926 as W.A. Lonsdale & Son trading as scrap metal merchants in Walsall. Now a fourth generation family business. Lonsdales has been on its present site since 1959 and has been a limited company under its present name since 1974.

The business is now in two parts:

LONSDALE METALS www.lonsdalemetals.co.uk

We clear a wide variety of metals and other waste material from factories and other businesses and provide skips or bins as part of our collection service. We can also manage other forms of waste such as cardboard, paper (including secure destruction), wood and general waste. We are also licensed to buy and transport scrap lead acid batteries.

We have a number of vehicles including flat bodied, curtain siders and skip loaders with forklifts on site for loading and unloading.

The Green Lane site has a public weighbridge for weighing larger tonnages of material.

LONSDALE COMMERCIAL STORAGE www.lonsdalecommercialstorage.co.uk

We have been providing storage services since 2012 and now have over 20,000 sq ft of storage space across two sites with racking for storage of pallets and a large area for storage of non-palletised items such as machinery or plant.

We can also provide transport for items into or out of storage and other services such as inventory management.