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Judith Smith – sben Chair

Foreword from the Chairman

A Climate Emergency has been declared and recognised by Councils and organisations across the county.

Now is the time for action.

As businesses we have a vital part to play to reduce carbon emissions and use of resources. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start, or how to continue the good work you’ve already done, but using the UN Sustainable Development Goals to set company objectives covering what you control or have influence over will guide you in the right direction.

Please publicise what you are doing to encourage others to take action too.

#sdgs #lowcarbonstaffs #doingourbit

Within sben there is a whole wealth of knowledge and expertise to support you. I encourage you to join in with the great events, there is always something to learn and connections to make. The network is run by the members for the members, so if you have any particular questions or ideas contact the team and they will assist you in the very best way they can.

It is great news that the funding for energy saving continues for SMEs. Do get in touch with the LCBEP Team to check your business is eligible and which are the next steps to take. It is a simple process that yields great results.

Judith Smith
sben Chair