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Motivair have been in operation since 1957, so have over 60 years’ compressed air experience. Motivair are independent; not tied to any brand or manufacturer and can provide a full turnkey solution for any compressed air need.

LCBEP Recommendation

Specialist low carbon consultant, Pro Enviro Ltd., visited Motivair in February 2020 to undertake a free LCBEP energy efficiency review that looked at all aspects of the business. They recommended replacing their existing lighting with LED equivalents which would reduce both the cost and levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

The lighting throughout the building comprised T8 fluorescent tubes and a small number of spotlights.

The table below shows what was the existing lighting consumption and costs. The costs were based on the current day time unit rate plus the cost of the climate change levy (16.9 37 p/kWh).Case study Motivair

The cost of operating this lighting was £3,702 per annum with emissions of 6.2 tCO2e.

Pro Enviro’s report identified the following lighting scheme that could be used to replace the existing fittings.

Case study Motivair


This scheme would incur costs of £1,356 per annum and would result in annual savings of 13,850 kWh (3.9 tCO2e) and £2,346.


Christina Marshall, LCBEP Lead Officer Staffordshire County Council, contacted Jason Morrison from Motivair to discuss and support him with their grant application.

Works were safely and successfully completed, even during the coronavirus restrictions.

Case study Motivair Case study Motivair

Figure 1  main office before installation       Figure 2  main office after installation

Jason Morrison, Systems Administrator for Motivair said “Following the guidance from the energy review carried out prior to the grant approval, we have since determined the cause of a daily spike in energy use between 06:30 and 17:00 every day.  This was found to be an AC unit in the CEO’s office which has since had its timer deactivated, providing us with further savings.”